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At Avila’s Environmental Corp.

For over 18 years Avila’s Environmental Corp has diversify from others by concentrating 100% in everything related to commercial kitchen grease traps Interceptors, receptors and plumbing services, by creating new industry service innovations. For example the latest water jetting technology in all their vacuum trucks at that time, to create customized grease trap & plumbing maintenance agreements based on field experience and customers needs. Avila is also the first company to provide full services without interfering with businesses operational hours thru out Miami Dade. Avila’s Environmental Corp gives you more time to manage your business by spending less time managing your waste.

With all the regulations and changes that are currently effective by the Miami Dade Derm department, you need a solid reliable company that not only fulfills its obligation & promises but that is also qualified to meet all your restaurants need when it comes to grease trap and kitchen receptor, from repair, installation and services.

Avila’s has created a special customized schedule for our customers that wont interfere with yours. We are always available for whenever the unexpected happens. If you have an issue after normal closing hours, there is no need to worry, a qualified Avila’s technicians will be available to either answer your questions or formulate a response with the proper people and equipment.